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Pay Per Click Training Course

Every online business today is formulating a Digital Marketing strategy that helps it to establish its brand image and generate traffic to its website. Paid advertising is an essential component of SEM strategy where the advertiser pays the cost per click (CPC). Google AdWords is an advertising platform that enables website owners to show their ads on Google search engine result pages when user searches for specific keywords. With Pay Per click training course the advertiser can formulate a strategy especially targeted to his audience based on location, language, devise used for search and many such parameters. He can create and develop an Ad campaign that ensures consistent round the clock targeted traffic to the website.

With a formal PPC certification training at Digital Web Academy, Bangalore you will know how to implement a PPC, CPC, CPM, CPA, Display Ads, Mobile app Ads, Shopping Ad campaign and promote a website online. You will be able to create and develop an effective strategy to boost traffic and increase sales of the online business. You will know about the best practices and tips and tricks of optimising your efforts and achieving maximum return on investment.

Key Features of Digital Web Academy for PPC Course
1. Practical classes for running Ads
2. Provides credit to run Ads
3. Keyword Planner tools
4. Case Study and Strategy discussion classes
5. Notes
6. Video Lectures
7. Doubt Classes
8. Daily Practice Sheets
9. Interview Skills
10. Assured Placement

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