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Education Background

Search Engine Marketing Course

What is Search Engine Marketing?

Search Engine Marketing is the instant way to get the website on top of the SERP’s. It is a paid form of Marketing, based on the CPC and other Factors the amount gets deducted from the Account. Here, the important factor is the Keywords. The best keywords you bid on, the better results you will get. Search Engine Marketing is creating Ads Campaigns for different Search Engines like, Google, Youtube, Yahoo, Bing etc.

There are Different type of Ads but few Important ones are:

1. Search ads
2. Display Ads
3. Shopping Ads etc.

Search Ads- These are the Ads which is run on Search Engine which is the result of keywords searched by the Audience

Display Ads- These are the Ads which is run on Google network Websites which are enabled by adsense

Shopping Ads- Shopping Ads are the Ads created in order to sell the products. It is mainly used by the E-Commerce Sites

Who can Do Search Engine Marketing Course?

1. Any person who has a Basic Knowledge of Digital Marketing.
2.Business Professionals who wants to get a good rank in SERP’s.
3. There are no age bars or no qualification bars.

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Why Digital Web Academy?

1. Digital Web Academy is the best SEM Training Institute in Bangalore, as we provide latest Modules in Search Engine Marketing Course as well as, we provide Certifications which will Hike your Profile or Resume.
2. Experienced Faculties at Digital web academy, are highly knowledgeable and are well versed with Different Search engine web crawlers or algorithm.
3. The Live projects training are given on Search Engine Marketing Projects under the Supervision 5 Students Batch, allows the Faculties and Students to get one to one interactions in class to clear their doubts.
4. Availability of Practical Classes provides the student best practical SEM tricks which can be used by them in professional life.
5. Daily Practice Sheets given to the students of Search Engine Marketing Course will help the students recognise their weak topics this feature makes us the top sem cerification course.
6. One to one Doubt Sessions is organised to allow students to clear their silliest doubts.
7. Feedback form filled by the Students in Every 15 Days to make sure that the Faculties are providing quality training.
8. Internal Tests are conducted
9. Interview Skills training are also provided.
10. Personality and Communication building to ensure that you get recruited by the Company.
11. Job Placement activities conducted. We provide Best SEM course in Hebbal.

Our Module

  • 1. Introduction to Digital Marketing
    • What is Digital Marketing?
    • Scope of Digital Marketing.
    • Topics Covered.
    • Careers after the course.
  • 2. Photoshop
    • Introduction to Photoshop.
    • What’s its use?
    • Different types of Photoshop tools.
    • Photoshop tips, tricks and techniques
  • 3. HTML & CSS
    • Basics of HTML and CSS
    • Why it is used? Designing of a Webpage.
    • Basic Tags and Documentation structure.
    • CSS Introduction
    • CSS Styling.
    • Styling Background.
  • 4. Content Writing
    • What is Content Marketing and its Importance?
    • Types of content.
    • Keyword Research.
    • How to write an interesting content.
    • Creating an effective content strategy.
    • Knowing how to develop a message and appropriate content.
    • Learn tactics and content marketing strategies in order to produce the best content.
    • Learning how to develop content for particular segment audience.
    • Using content marketing in order to drive other essential marketing channels, such as search engine optimisation, social media and lead generation.
    • Content strategy and challenges.
  • 5. Google Webmaster Tool
    • What is Google Webmaster Tool?
    • Webmaster guidelines for effective SEO.
    • How to setup a Google webmaster tool.
    • Navigating webmaster tools.
    • Using the features.
    • Measuring Insights.
    • Optimising the website.
  • 6. ON PAGE SEO
    • Initial Site Analysis.
    • Site structure Analysis.
    • Creating Google friendly Url’s.
    • Url’s renaming or re-writing.
    • Optimising the websites by analysing client’s individual web pages.
    • Competition Analysis.
    • Keyword Research.
    • Title and Meta tag development.
    • XML sitemap creation.
    • Existing web content optimisation.
    • Competitor Analysis and monitoring.
    • Internal Linking.
    • Knowing about keywords.
    • Analysis of keywords.
    • Importance of off page optimisation and what is the need of it in SEO?
    • Video Optimisation.
    • Image Optimisation.
    • PPT Optimisation.
    • Q & A.
    • Forum Submissions.
    • Directory Submissions.
    • Business profile creation.
    • posting
    • Classified Submissions.
    • Blogging.
    • Article submission.
    • What are links?
    • Types of links.
  • 8. Local SEO
    • What is local SEO and need for it?
    • How to list your business for local searches.
    • Optimisation of local Search.
    • What is website localisation?
    • Citation Building.
    • How to manage Reviews and ratings.
    • Getting quality back links.
  • 9. SEO Tools
    • Google Pagespeed Insights.
    • Moz Local listing score.
    • Google Analytics.
    • Google webmaster tools
    • Bing webmaster tools.
    • Opensite Explorer.
    • Google keyword planner.
    • in an Incognito window.
    • Google Trends.
  • 10. Adwords

    Search Ads:

    • Introduction to Search Ads.
    • How to create Google Ad word Account.
    • Creating Search Ad campaign.
    • Setting up a bid Strategy.
    • Running campaign.
    • Tracking the reports.

    Display Ads:

    • What is Display Advertising and types?
    • How to target on the Google network display using placement Targeting,
    • Contextual Targeting, Topic Targeting and Interest Targeting.
    • How to combine different Targeting Methods.
    • Optimising the Display Campaigns.
  • 11. Youtube Marketing
    • Introduction to video marketing.
    • How to run different ads in YouTube?
    • Making videos on YouTube.
    • Overlay Ads, Display Ads
    • YouTube Analytics.
    • Call-to-Action creations.
    • Different types of video ads.
    • Optimising video ads.
  • 12. Email Marketing
    • What is email marketing?
    • Introduction to Email software and Tools.
    • How to create a list of subscribers.
    • How to Import Mail list.
    • Creating Email campaigns.
    • Knowing about Email templates and design.
    • Sending HTML email campaigns.
    • Campaign reports and Insights.
    • Segmentation Strategy.
    • Auto Responder Actions.
    • Reports Study.
  • 13. SMS Marketing
    • Introduction to SMS Marketing.
    • What is Marketing Text?
    • What is Bulk SMS Marketing?
    • How to run a SMS campaign?
    • Benefits of SMS Marketing?
    • Marketing Tools.
  • 14. Blogging
    • Introduction to blogging
    • How to come up with a idea.
    • How to structure the blog.
    • How to insert keywords in a blog to optimise the content.
    • Blogging models.
    • Blogging software.
    • Processing images.
    • Video blogging.
    • Building blogging brand.
    • Blog peer review.
  • 15. Adsense
    • Introduction to Ad sense and how it works.
    • Advantages and disadvantages.
    • Domain and blog creation.
    • SEO overview for Ad sense.
    • Basics of Google Ad sense.
    • Ad sense account.
    • Tips and tricks in placing a video, images and text ads into website correctly.
  • 16. Online Reputation Marketing
    • Introduction to online reputation management.
    • What does it do?
    • How to do online reputation management?
    • Tools, tips and tricks.
    • Process of online reputation management.
    • ORM techniques.
    • Online monitoring or Brand monitoring.
    • Why we need ORM?
    • ORM model.
  • 17. Bing Marketing
    • What Bing Marketing is all about?
    • How advertising works on bing?
    • Advantages
    • How much Bing advertisement cost?
    • Setting up a Bing Account?
  • 18. Analytics

    Web Analytics:

    • Introduction
    • Web analytics technologies and Methods.
    • Web analytics data sources
    • Web server log file analysis
    • Geolocation of visitors
    • Click Analytics.
    • Customer lifecycle Analytics.
    • Onsite and offsite web Analytics.

    FB Analytics:

    • overview of FB Analytics?
    • Usage of FB insights.
    • Fb reports.
    • Page likes
    • Post Reach
    • Engagement.
    • Checking Number of visits.
    • Page and Tab visits.
    • External Referrers.

    Ad word Analytics:

    • Introduction
    • How to evaluate Ad word performance.
    • Analyze Ad words.
    • Paid & organic Reports.
    • Benefits of linking Ad words to Analytics.
    • Tools for Ad word Analytics.
  • 19. Digital Marketing Strategy
    • What is digital strategy?
    • Digital Marketing Strategies.
    • Trends and insights.
    • How to Structure plan?
    • Steps to create perfect digital marketing plan?
  • 20. Conversion
    • What is Conversion Marketing?
    • What is conversion rate in Marketing?
    • How we can calculate a conversion rate?
    • Tips to increase conversion rate.
  • 22. CASE STUDY
    • Political Campaign
    • Educational Setup
    • Ecommerce
    • Health Setup

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