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Google Analytics Course

Google Analytics Certification Course (GAIQ Exam)

Google Analytics is an integral part of digital marketing measurement. This is “the” exam that really qualifies and sets any type of bar for your and others knowledge of GA. As an aspirant you should always select an institute providing best google analytics course.

There are two types of Certifications under Google Analytics:

1. Basic Google Analytics Certifications
2. Advanced Google Analytics Certification

Unit 1: Introducing Google Analytics

Lesson 1: Why digital analytics?
Lesson 2: How Google Analytics works
Lesson 3: Google Analytics setup
Lesson 4: How to set up views with filters

Unit 2: The Google Analytics layout

Lesson 1: Navigating Google Analytics
Lesson 2: Understanding overview reports
Lesson 3: Understanding full reports
Lesson 4: How to share reports
Lesson 5: How to set up dashboards and shortcuts

Unit 3: Basic Reporting

Lesson 1: Audience reports
Lesson 2: Acquisition reports
Lesson 3: Behavior reports

Unit 4: Basic Campaign and Conversion Tracking

Lesson 1: How to measure Custom Campaigns
Lesson 2: Tracking campaigns with the URL Builder
Lesson 3: Use Goals to measure business objectives
Lesson 4: How to measure Google Ads campaigns
Lesson 5: Course review and next steps

Advanced Google Analytics Certifications

Unit 1: Data Collection and Processing

Lesson 1: Google Analytics data collection
Lesson 2: Categorizing into users and sessions
Lesson 3: Applying configuration settings
Lesson 4: Storing data and generating reports
Lesson 5: Creating a measurement plan

Unit 2: Setting Up Data Collection and Configuration

Lesson 1: Organize your Analytics account
Lesson 2: Set up advanced filters on views
Lesson 3: Create your own Custom Dimensions
Lesson 4: Create your own Custom Metrics
Lesson 5: Understand user behavior with Event Tracking
Lesson 6: More useful configurations

Unit 3: Advanced Analysis Tools and Techniques

Lesson 1: Segment data for insight
Lesson 2: Analyze data by channel
Lesson 3: Analyze data by audience
Lesson 4: Analyze data with Custom Reports

Unit 4: Advanced Marketing Tools

Lesson 1: Introduction to remarketing
Lesson 2: Better targeting with Dynamic Remarketing
Lesson 3: Course Summary

Who can Do take up Google Analytics Certification Tests?

1. Any person who has a Basic Knowledge on Digital Marketing.
2. There are no age bars or no qualification bars.

Why Digital Web Academy?

1. Digital Web Academy is the best google analytics certificate training Institute in Bangalore, as we provide latest Modules in Search Engine Marketing Course as well as, we provide Certifications which will Hike your Profile or Resume.
2. The Online Test will be conducted inside the Campus of Digital Web Academy.
3. Mock Tests will also be conducted.

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